Domestic Transportation Prohibitions & Constraints. What you may send locally are controlled by U.S. and USPS pointers.

Right here, you discover vital guidelines and informative data on items which are generally restricted (entirely forbidden) and restricted (simply permitted under specific issues). If you were to think your own piece might be restricted or confined or do have more queries, discover complete explanations in USPS publishing 52, harmful, limited, & Perishable mailing.

Sender Obligations

All USPS customers are in charge of:

  1. Examining USPS syndication 52, Hazardous, limited, & Perishable post to discover if the product is definitely mailable.
  2. Complying with mail restrictions and U.S. legal guidelines.
  3. Providing their package securely and marking it as called for.

Domestically Banned Gear

These items may not be submitted U.S. email:

Domestically Reduced Products

Open or Turn off satisfied below Aerosols

Examples of mailable fumes and aerosols feature propane, butane, and flame extinguishers. Always learn the regulations and constraints for sending mailable fumes.

Unsealed or near articles below alcoholic cocktails

Ale, drink, and alcohol may possibly not be directed with the post, except in minimal circumstance.

Take note, should you wish to reuse a box which has had alcoholic drink labeling onto it, take out all logos and tags which means your bundle will transit the mailing method.

Open or near material below tobacco, pipes, & Tobacco

Smokes and smoke free cigarette are restricted equipment and may just be mailed in restricted situations. Cigarettes can be sent locally. Customers are guided to examine the smoke, pipes, and Tobacco meanings and Mailability.

Exceptions for Mailing Cigaret & Smokeless Cigarette

Cigarettes and smoke free cigarette is mailable just through the below situations:

More Freight & Packing Requirements

Allowable cig or smokeless tobacco shipments must passed by A Mail worker at A Document Officeв„. The Postal worker will check out that a person person are of authorized period in order to receive the transport.

Tobacco smoking Deliveries to APO/FPO/DPO

Any time delivering to APO/FPO/DPO places in unknown countries, USPS cures the mail as home-based mail, but transportation is susceptible to those international places prohibitions and limits. Visitors should be aware that size and body weight guidelines may vary from USPS measure. Notice world land sites to find country-specific prohibitions and restrictions.

Open up or nearby content below Cremated keeps

USPS ® might be merely shipping providers that vessels cremated is still (person or animal ashes). You’ll send cremated object locally but must incorporate Consideration Mail Express ® . Make sure the internal major containers is definitely strong, sturdy, and effectively covered. For any external freight plan, make sure that you make use of our two Cremated Remains Kits or make use of own stronger, resilient bin properly manufactured and described with Cremated Remains Label 139 on all four sides belonging to the box, plus finest and bottom. Purchase free cremated remains transport gear the Postal escort babylon Salem Stock ® .

Opened or in close proximity articles below Dry Ice

Dry ice is definitely authorized staying sent if it is utilized as a refrigerant to cool this great article of a mailable hazardous or nonhazardous product. Programs that contains dried ice must be stuffed in dishes that enable the discharge of co2 fuel.

Unsealed or tight materials below guns

Only certified makers and retailers may send or receive handguns. However unloaded rifles and shotguns include mailable, mailers must conform to pertinent legislation.

Open up or near articles below vulnerable Things

Ordinary items that happen to be delicate or vulnerable do not require specialized management if they are filled with the proper cushioning and denoted evidently making use of the keyword, “FRAGILE.” You could potentially combine authorized letters ® in your shipping to help expand shield important or irreplaceable stuff.

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