“Performance anxiousness killed the careers of a fantastic many would-be gigolos.” I found a few articles (

Most of the anecdotal information we now have seen issues the results of food regimen on the semen. For example, it is instructed that fruits such as banana, papaya, kiwi, pineapple and watermelon can improve the style, as can the parsley relative, celery. Meanwhile dairy foods, red meat, onions, asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower apparently have a unfavorable impact on style. Coffee, smoking and alcohol are additionally mentioned to make semen taste much less agreeable.

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But it doesn’t cease at if you’re healthy or unhealthy. Certain well being circumstances can also affect how a man’s semen will taste. Though semen is full of chemical substances, vitamins, and minerals, it’s actually largely water. This is definitely the rationale that semen doesn’t have a very robust smell. In reality, most people don’t notice that semen has a smell at all. However, after they do, it is usually described as a slightly metallic, salty, or musky odor.


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4 Jun Some folks may describe it as tasteless and a few could describe it as barely sweeter. The semen of some men could also be excessively salty and. Ok, nicely, this might be extra of an attention seize.

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Also consider taking a zinc and selenium complement, each are wanted for healthy sperm and may make the taste better. In our writing and studying of erotica we come throughout plenty of differing descriptions of the flavor of cum, whether it’s a man’s semen or a woman’s vaginal secretions. It’s been stated that vegetarians, in addition to vegans, have the perfect sampling launches. “Steak might taste good to you, but it includes an extra salted taste to your semen,” states Residence. If you are going to eat meat, chicken is a much better wager than purple meat. However, if she really hungers for salty and mouthwatering treats, that steak could profit you. Diet is among the first things folks try to enhance to help their fertility.