Under Sharia laws, online gambling is a critical crime. Included in this study, we found listed here gambling internet sites becoming obstructed in the united states.

Blocked playing websites

Acknowledgement of limits

The findings of this study existing different limitations, and don’t always echo a comprehensive view of internet censorship in Malaysia.

The very first limitation are associated with the tests period, which begun on 24th September and concluded not as much as two months later, on 13th November 2021. As a result, censorship events that could has taken place before and/or after the evaluating period aren’t examined included in this research.

Another restriction to this research are connected on quantity and kinds of URLs that have been tried for censorship. As previously mentioned for the strategy part of this document (a€?Creating a Malaysian examination lista€?), the requirements for selecting URLs which can be strongly related to Malaysia happened to be biased. The URL choice opinion was impacted by the center aim with this research, which sought for to examine whether web sites showing governmental critique and defending real person liberties comprise blocked. Additionally, while a total of 1,618 various URLs had been tried for censorship as part of this research, we couldn’t taste most of the URLs on the web, suggesting the chance that more web sites not included in examination records may have been blocked.

While circle specifications comprise compiled from two regional vantage information in Malaysia (AS4788 and AS17971), OONIa€™s computer software studies weren’t work from all vantage things in the nation in which different censorship happenings may have happened.


This study produces data that functions as evidence of the DNS blocking of 39 different internet sites in Malaysia. Since block pages are detected for many of these internet, their particular censorship are affirmed and undeniable.

The blocked websites feature information stores, sites, and popular publishing program (average). These websites had been apparently very first clogged in 2015 for within the 1MDB scandal and, relating to all of our results, remained obstructed for the tests duration of this study (24th September 2016 to 13th November 2016). Even though the preventing of these websites has become warranted on the basis of national safety under Section 233 regarding the 1998 Communications and media work (CMA), these censorship activities look like politically driven.

Amongst the blocked website, we receive a website that expresses big complaints towards Islam. Inside the Malaysian context, this great site may very well be inciting hatred towards Islam and its particular censorship can consequently getting warranted under Malaysiaa€™s Sedition Act 1948 which prohibits the incitement of hatred towards any faith. We also found a popular online dating service getting outpersonals hookup obstructed, however the desire and/or appropriate justification behind the stopping remains unknown.

As part of our learn, we located numerous pornographic, betting, and torrenting sites become blocked, which might are categorized as the many websites that were revealed becoming clogged from the MCMC. The censorship of pornography is legally justified within the Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998, as the preventing of playing web sites is generally warranted within the typical Gaming Houses Act 1953 (work 289) and beneath the Pool Betting Act 1967.

On an optimistic note, some formerly obstructed internet (Bersih rally websites) are found to be easily accessible. No signs and symptoms of censorship had been found whenever examining the access of social networking, censorship circumvention resources and LGBTI web pages, and in addition we wouldn’t detect the existence of any a€?middle boxesa€? capable of doing net censorship. However, this doesn’t mean that censorship machines is certainly not contained in the united states, but just these specific examinations were unable to highlight their existence.

OONI and Sinar Project encourage transparency around websites settings to simply help improve the safeguard of person legal rights and democratic processes.

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