Epilogue: The Destiny of your Dark Curse

Pursuing the guardian commends new party to their endeavor and they wonder how they may overcome the brand new Dark Lord now, Dominic the fresh new dragon from before arrives over, happy to let. New Miis hook a ride on the Dominic, exactly who flies them to above all of Miitopia because they delight in the scene. Dominic after that tells him or her regarding the Travelers’ Heart, where site visitors collect, and you can requires her or him there.

Chapter 6: Search for the brand new Jewels

Brand new champion completes quests throughout the Visitor?s Middle, in which it find out about the latest locaiton of Nimbus, the kingom about heavens. Truth be told there, it know about The newest Skyscraper, where the team brains. Yet not, the brand new entry is finalized, and requirements cuatro gems to open up they. They head to the newest middle, where it gather the latest jewels.

A bankruptcy proceeding: The new Skyscraper

The newest character heads for the Skyscraper, where they pay attention to new Dark Lord?s voice. He/She says to of summoning “away from a classic pal or a couple of”. This new refight new Ebony Lord, which satisfies this new character on the ascend. The group rematches the brand new Queen, the new Little princess, the fresh new Genie in addition to Fab Faries with the aid of the newest ex-Dark Lord. The group is located at a portal, will leave the brand new old boyfriend-Ebony Lord about, and you can brains so you’re able to Otherworld, the new locaiton of your own Deep Lord.

Section 8: The very last Battle

Passing from webpage, the group is at Otherworld, a void composed of taken Mii face. As time passes out of traversing and you will battling far more creatures, it finally get to the Darker Lord. The brand new protagonist begs your to depart the great sage by yourself, however, he pleads so you’re able to differ and you will unleashes a power and therefore soaks up a good number of faces, converting into a more powerful sorts of himself as a sunlight that have icon hands. New protagonist are amazed, the guardian contacting out over them the fresh Dark Lord’s the new setting is too strong for only by themselves, additionally the whole team must endeavor your together – about three on left-hand, about three for the ideal give, in addition to left four towards face.


The initial six teammates have the ability to beat your hands, but the Deep Lord is not done with it and you can unleashes their genuine strength, taking the face of your teammates which battled the hands and transforming on the their strongest mode yet , – brand new Darkest Lord. The latest protagonist and leftover teammates find this as their last battle and you may struggle the newest cursed becoming, and it also isn’t really a long time before they use all their you’ll in order to allow the last strike, obliterating the brand new evil dark for good.

The battle more, the newest Dark Lord reverts to the brand new means due to the fact High Sage, which commends new protagonist to their work. Yet not, this battle was not sufficient to destroy the new Black Curse, which, out of outrage, attempts to re-contain the sage, merely to rating swept up for the a barrier where it cannot flow. The latest Sage up coming continues to tell the origin of your own Black Curse:

In the past, the fresh curse was only an ordinary person son who decided a social outcast certainly one of their co-worker, due to the fact no body wanted to communicate with him and you may ignoring him, hence leaving him alone. When he featured regarding echo and you may spotted his reflection, he felt his deal with is exactly what produced him ugly, for this reason the guy shed away his deal with. But without a facial, he failed to alive prolonged, for this reason his system became a heart out of hatred and you will envy understood because the Dark Curse.

Adopting the story, the brand new Sage requires the protagonist whatever they should do on curse: both “break the latest curse” or “save your”.

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