Yet whenever i pay attention song I am moved so you can my imaginary earliest love

Venus – Serena – Eugenie – Naomi – Coco – Angie – Sloane – Leylah – AKS – Vera – Shelby – Vika – Petko – Su-Wei – Pavs – Ana – Sofia – Danielle – Aryna – Anett – Kaia – Xinyu – Donna


I believe Birdy’s great. Not a huge fan of the lady audio however, I liked this tune sufficient. Not much to write about here tbh. Strong online game!

Semifinal: 89 items (7th) twelve – 10 – Northstar, Perun, Slazorin 8 – AdeyC eight – six – SilverPersian, spectre88, Vizah, TennisFan102 5 – aerosmash, Armstrong2000, Hanan Ubis, Monzanator, Queen Vika 4 – step three – Defeat 2 – Latvian, Number19 1 – The Crow

Final: sixty circumstances (11th) several – ten – Northstar, TennisFan102 8 – Slazorin seven – six – AdeyC, Perun 5 – Monzanator, Queen Vika 4 – step 3 – Vizah dos – SilverPersian, Latvian step 1 – Armstrong2000, Hanan Ubis, aerosmash

My Facts: a dozen – I really want you – Madonna ft. Enormous Attack (Queen Vika, 14th) 10 – Hurt – Nine inch Fingernails (Adam, 3rd) 8 – Nonetheless D.Roentgen.E. – Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dogg (Asereje, 6th) eight – Exactly why do I Shout – Margo Guryan (aerosmash, 8th) six – Very Colors – Only All of us (The brand new Crow, 16th) 5 – Je Pars – Babet (Laurent Moy, 5th) 4 – Vienna – Billy Joel (TennisFan102, 2nd) step three – Duel regarding the Mist – Yu-Peng Chen (Hanan Ubis, 4th) 2 – Fairy tale – Alexander Rybak (Latvian, 20th) Honorable Talk about: Love Me – Jonny Teupen (spectre88, twelfth into the Semi)

Venus – Serena – Eugenie – Naomi – Coco – Angie – Sloane – Leylah – AKS – Vera – Shelby – Vika – Petko – Su-Wei – Pavs – Ana – Sofia – Danielle – Aryna – Anett – Kaia – Xinyu – Donna


This is the first Mitski track I found myself actually ever brought to (and the song you to definitely made me an excellent Mitski stan). I recall my personal friend’s date at the time which I was and a little next to starred it in my situation when i was third-wheeling with them within his apartment while we was sipping drink and simply paying attention to songs together after they ready me personally a beneficial pleasant eating. I remember being entirely entirely awed and you can inspired by you to tune. Even today it’s among the best actually ever sounds, not just Mitski songs. Ironically, I’ve never been its experienced love that have anyone but really, yes I’ve had flings and circumstances, but nothing beats a true basic like. Getting so completely awed and transfixed from the them that often it is like this new like try smashing you entirely and yet you remain on the in love experience.

When i was really assured they so you’re able to victory the complete online game because the I was thinking which track was among the best sounds ever before to exist, and you may is actually unfortunate observe it slip so very hard throughout the semis into the finals, I am going to just take solace on the fact that it performed so well regarding semis thereby most people accepted it a high tune, and this Beat of the many individuals provided they a several! Think my personal utter wonder.

Looking right back within it, even when, this video game are Extremely high high quality for my situation. I enjoyed and you can conserved over fifty percent this new damn songs! Given I found myself from the top ten as to what I considered to be particularly a good/high games continues to be a result for me. What a beneficial game, and i also pledge we get a differnt one enjoy it in the future. Hell e similar to this has occurred in my lookin right back within video game having already took place. We question it even if.

Semifinal: 131 activities (1st) a dozen – Overcome, Poldo, wayitis 10 – King Vika 8 – AdeyC, boreas, JMG, SilverPersian, TIEFSEE, Vizah eight – Latvian six – Adam, The Crow 5 – histery, Laurent Moy 4 – Povapenko 3 – Number19 dos – step one – TennisFan102

Final: 77 factors (9th) a dozen – Overcome, Poldo ten – 8 – Latvian, JMG 7 – AdeyC, TIEFSEE 6 – 5 – Vizah, wayitis cuatro – The fresh new Crow step three – Adam dos – Laurent Moy, Number19, SilverPersian step one –

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